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The Best Slim Down with African Mango

The Best Slim Down with African Mango

A Growing Market

A fair portion of news doing the rounds within the health industry of late has been largely in relation to the subject of African Mangos; and more particularly their ability to greatly aid people in their continued efforts to shed those extra pounds in the form of a diet.

Both moderation and regulation are of course extremely important dietary characteristics for anyone who is hoping to achieve weight loss, however is there any truth behind this claim or is it just another in a long line of very similar others?

With many supplements created using extracts of Irvingia Gabonensis (African Mango) selling on the strength of the hype surrounding their usefulness in this respect, it might be the right time to take a good look into the facts and figures behind this growing market.

The Facts

Praised for its usefulness in reducing body fat, weight and even cholesterol, continuous studies into the benefits of African Mango seem to indicate that this is far from being just another common and misguiding myth on weight loss, such as those highlighted by Licensed Prescriptions. As a staple diet of the people who inhabit the lands where this wonderful fruit grows in abundance, and for hundreds if not thousands of years; it is widely suggested that a high intake of African Mango is reflected within the characteristics of Nigerian and Cameroonian tribes-people. On top of their slim build, which admittedly could be owed to any number of lifestyle details and not just the frequent consumption of a particular fruit, people from this region are also traditionally far more resilient in the face of cardiovascular diseases. This correlation is just one of many which acts to directly link the African Mango, and more specifically its seeds, with the ability to provide a noticeable impact upon human health.

A recent study curated by researchers at the University of Yuoande, Cameroon, yielded results which indicated an all-round improvement in the condition of all subjects involved. Provided with 150mg of a seed extract twice each day, the patients soon began to note significant improvements in their body fat percentage, waist circumference and weight. On top of this, testing revealed an increase in cardiovascular health and strength, as well as a drastic improvement in blood glucose levels, c-reactive proteins, leptin levels and the amount of adiponectin present in digestion, all of which are active in their abilities to break down fat and cause a general loss of weight.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about such results is the fact that they were achieved solely through the administering of a mango seed extract, with no further supplementation from a diet or exercise routine. This study is far from being alone in this sense, with many others noting an 8-10lbs weight loss from subjects who were required to make no other significant lifestyle changes.  

Over the course of the investigations that have been carried out so far, no antagonistic side effects of the extract have yet been reported.  After all, it is taken from fruit and it's imaginably rather hard to get much purer and more human friendly than that!

While there have been no negative side-effects, there have in fact been side-effects of the positive variety, other than exceptional and somewhat unearned weight loss, that is.

A prominent effect reported by users of both sexes is an increased libido or sexual appetite, which depending on your personal circumstances could either be taken as a blessing or a curse! One thing is for sure however, it's an effect likely to see you find the necessary inspiration to engage in a little more casual exercise, which is always advised when trying to slim down.

The Truth

While initial studies are certain in their appointment of the African Mango as an excellent weight loss aid, there are a couple of points which anyone eager to rush out and clean their local markets stock should first take into account.

Firstly, the effectiveness of this method remains largely unproven. Although there have been several studies into the topic, on the scientific scale of things it remains a rather young and untouched area.

Secondly, the results of the studies conducted so far widely indicate that the fruit, and for that matter its supplements, work best short term. While patients noticed a universal loss of weight, there's only so long this can keep up before it levels.

On the plus side however, African Mango is extremely delicious, very good for you- and the perfect addition to any weight conscious diet!


Guest Post by Lisa Toms

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