Sunday, June 16, 2013

Life Extension Green Coffee Bean Extract Reviews

In this post I will take a closer look and review Life Extension brand of Green Coffee Bean Extract in order to give you more details about what makes Life Extensions better than other brands found on the market. As you are aware of, there are many brands of Green Coffee extracts and they do vary in quality, milligrams per capsule, and how many their are in a bottle.

Lets take a closer look at quality of green coffee bean extract used in a supplement. This is a big issue because some other brands sold in major stores are made with the lowest quality ingredients that in reality deliver very little or have no benefit to the user at all. How do you tell if your green coffee bean extract is good or not? There is help in this area. There are brand name that bottle green coffee bean extract under their own name, but what matters is who manufactures the raw ingredient used. There are two well known brand names that you should insist on when making your buying decision They are Svetol and GCA. Look for these names on the label or ingredient panel because all the studies you have been hearing about have been conducted on these companies ingredients. LifeExtension passes here because they use the high quality GCA brand name in their formulation.

When it comes to how many milligrams are in a capsule you should be looking for a 400mg serving. I been to a major store a saw a deal on two bottle of green coffee bean extract on sale for $10.00. But after taking a closer look, it was no deal at all. because the dosage per capsules was so low, that it would actually take 8 capsules just to equal 400mgs. But the bottle said to take only two capsules at a time. So if you follow the program to take three 400mg servings a day. These two bottle would last you only 8 days. LifeExtension is 400mg per serving and contains 90 servings per bottle. So it is a better value and you don't have to swallow as many pills.

Here is a good video explaining all the benefits of Life Extension brand green coffee extract.

I hope this information provided helps you to make a well informed choice when choosing a brand of Green Coffee Extract to purchase. I have found some good deals at as well as a host of information and articles explaining how green coffee bean extract works with weight loss and better blood sugar level control.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Green Coffee Extract Study Shows Average Weight Loss of 17lbs in Jusr 22 Weeks!

A team of researchers from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania found green coffee bean extracts can help with weight-loss after they tested the effects of the bean on a group of obese volunteers. The study was released at the 243rd National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS) shows promising results for those people wishing to lose some weight. The results were impressive, participants lost an average of 17 pounds in just 22 weeks of the study. Overall, they had an average decrease in overall body weight of 10.5 percent, and an average decrease in body fat of 16%.

Also Dr. Oz conducted his own private study on green coffee bean extract and was impressed with the results.Half the group was given the green coffee bean extract and the other half was giving a fake pill. Nobody knew which one they having been given. The results were amazing, the ones given the green coffee bean extract loss on average 1 lb. a week! He views this as a winner because 1 pound a week is considered losing weight at a very safe rate.

Seen on TV Green Coffee Bean Extract

Recently seen on TV everywhere, Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is being talked about as one of the fastest fat burners. Can pure green coffee bean extract be the answer you have been searching for?  Dr. Lindsey believed so much in green coffee bean extract being used for weight loss, that he went on the Doctor Oz show,  and explained the benefits of using pure green coffee to help you to lose weight. Doctor Lindsey promotes the Genesis Today brand while Dr. Oz does not promote or endorse any brand of weight loss supplements. He just reports the news that is being said about them.  The shows title is “Burn Fat Faster: 5 Fastest Fat Burners”. Pure green coffee bean extract supplements are touted at the “miracle pill to burn your fat instantly”. It is by far the hottest weight loss supplement during the 2012-13 season. Why not give this breakthrough supplement on try and see why Green Coffee Bean extract can help burn fat at rapid pace.

Buyer Beware: Not All Green Coffee Extracts are the Same – Don’t Be Duped In to Buying a Low Quality Supplement

Buyer BewareThe question you should be asking yourself is “What to Look for when selecting the right green coffee bean supplements?” There are many cheap brands being sold at ridiculously low prices. The saying “Too Good to be True” applies in this case. They are most likely using cheap green coffee bean extract brought in from China and deliver little if no results as all. What you need to look for on the label of a bottle is three things. First, it should be made from CGA (Green Coffee Antioxidants) or Svetol brand coffee extract. Second, In order to receive similar results obtained in the weight loss studies, you need to be purchasing capsules that contain 400mgs each. Anything lower than that will not give you the same results. Third, it need to contain 45% or more of Chlorogenic Acid. Fourth, It must not contain any fillers, artificial ingredients,or artificial colors. It should contain only green coffee extract and NOTHING else. Sometimes we see it being used as part of a proprietary formula leaving you guessing as to how many milligrams are in the bottle.

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The Bottom Line

If you are starting a new exercise routine, or you have recently started to watch what you eat – or both – in an effort to lose some weight, a green coffee extract supplement can help you. Doctor Recommended brand of  pure green coffee bean extract is a great option. It may help you to get over that initial weight loss hump and keep you enthusiastic about your weight loss plan.

Trust the Brand Chosen By Ten’s of Thousands of Customers

Doctor Recommended Green Bean Coffee Extract has been purchased by thousand of customers who keep coming back for more. We hear amazing results from our customers over the phone everyday. Why are they choosing Doctor Recommended? Our Green Bean Coffee Extract contains only 100% Pure Green Coffee made from Arabica coffee beans. We never use any fillers, artificial ingredients, artificial colors, No Sugar, No Yeast, No Starch or Preservatives. It is manufactured in a laboratory located in the USA and is registered with the FDA. We don’t send you a free bottle and charge you for an expensive automatic shipment next month as some companies do. We only send you what you ordered. Our bottle come in a convenient 60 capsule size and contain 400mgs each. This is enough product to last you 30 days at two capsules per day.
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